i thinik having "china phones" isn't bad afterall!

Pasay, Philippines
April 24, 2009 11:17am CST
People around tend to shop for the latest deals when it comes to gadgets. It's been a hard time for me to look for a good model of cellular phones that will match my flexible lifestyle as well. Still I should consider the price as well. On time; my hubb bought me a colored phone. It has MP3/ MP4/ VGA cam as well as 3gp video formats and all that surround sound. (and I really mean that loud.) The only thing that turned me off at first... is the phone is made in China. We have this conceptive before that locally made gadgets are disposable; they don't tend to withstand all that dropping and dragging to somewhere else...It means they didn't stand longer than the popular/branded ones. But let's face it. It's foolish to spend a lot just for a gadget as they tend to loosen their value as time goes by. Besides; there are times that we tend to loose these mobile phones/ portable media players as well. I think China phones or locally branded phones are the next best thing. It really depends to the user if he/she's going to take care of it for longer use. And since my hubby bought it for me on my birthday; I think it isn't bad to have a second class phone afterall. I'm just going to take care of it for longer use. If it breaks or reformat itself, I can recycle it as a nice display on the house... just place a photo on the screen and it's a picture frame!
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