Big argue and confusion with my friend-what will you do?

@hanah87 (1846)
April 24, 2009 11:39am CST
Yesterday,was really bad and worse day to me!In the time nearly that i must stand for exam,it happened back.I really confuse and angry.Yesterday,I argue with one of my friend.She was a fierce and bad friend.I never hurt or rude to talk with her.I take care her heart but she really hurt my heart.She is younger one year from me.Before this i argue with her but all the argue,she began first.I respect her and all my friends but she never want to respect me just because i am to soft to her.Before this,she argue with my another friend but she never brave to fight her because she know that the girl will argue or fight with her back,so that's why she never brave to do that!But i lost my patient when she do that for the second time(she also had argue with me before this!).I just joke with her and my other friend and nothing bad talk i said(she always joke with me too),but suddenly she scold and shout to me loudly,make me feel it is too more and fight back.And i warned her that i never want to take care her feeling anymore if she never take care my feeling and i really show her my angry!Before this i am too patient and let she said anything she like to me without think my feeling.And she become shock and ashamed and also keep quiet.I feel so hurt with her and feel want to slap her mouth because always shout and talk rude with me even i am elder than her.I never rude to her.Now i make a decision to break my friendship with her because she never respect me.So, how will you do if you become me?
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