Do you think some of your courses are a waste of time?

@hxstar (510)
April 24, 2009 12:30pm CST
Hi,mylotters Tell me how many courses you take in school and how many of them are not worth learning.I take Math,history,English,Physics,Linear Algebra,philosophy,sports and some other courses this term.Fortunately,I like most of them.I hate learning English and philosophy.I think taking these courses are just a waste of time.Schools should give us more freedom on choosing what to learn.How about you ,mylotters?Do you think some of your courses are just a waste of time or you like all of them? Have a nice day !
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• United States
24 Apr 09
Hey there hxstar Well I am taking education, math, biology, kinesiology this semester and I actually have to say that this year has been AWESOME. I have all A's for the semester and only 2 weeks to go. Are you in high school? If so just remember that once you get to college you do get to choose the classes that you will take as long as they go along with what you are going to be when you "grow up." High school unfortunately we can't choose what we want to take and the courses are all necessary.
@hxstar (510)
• China
27 Apr 09
Hi,prncesfrmheaven I am in college now,but I still have to take some subjects that I don't like.You are excellent as you have all A's for the semester! Thanks for responding!
27 Apr 09
Hi, but you have to know learning is a life-long process, the more knodledge you have, the better it will assist you in a way or another when you are in the society. In my case, we are force to take the following subject which some of it I really don't like: Maths, Signal and System, Field, Devices, Power Electronics, Analogue Electronics, Digital Electronics, Signal and Systems, Humanities or languages, Communications, C++ and ARM Architecture.