Beautiful succulent terraniums beat your average floral arrangement

United States
April 24, 2009 6:20pm CST
I came across these after going nursery to nursery and I think Succulents truly do not get well deserved attention! I came across a pretty Succulent Terranium on Martha Stewart, it can be found at: --If the link doesnt work for you just go to her site and search 'Succulents' Did you know that succulents can be Living Wreaths and with the 'rossette' ones such as the Sempervivum Pacific Rose, Sempervivum Echeveria, Sempervivum Black Centenial, Sempervivum Green Rose. And they can last for at least a couple months with the use of moist moss layered on your wreath! I made my own TERRANIUM just as suggested on Martha Stewart but I used globe vases I found at Micheals Art/ Craft Store (7$ each) and Im working on the second. I found a picture in Designing With Succulents where they were using in a way to mimic a Coral Reef and even though that was not my intention it worked out that way. I used natural medium sized stones on the bottom 2 inches, white sand on top of the cactus mix (they will rot if you do not use soil with coarse sand) and turquiose glass rocks (also found at Micheal) layed all around the succulents, leaving at least 3 inches on top to give it the terranium look. Make sure you use enough white sand where it can be seen on the sides since glass metallic rocks will be covering the top. I found some tiny minature turtle and frog at a nursery and theres plenty more Im going back for and a whole case that is Japanese minatures. I used: a range of Sempervivums and Living Rock Check it out! Wonder why Succulents don't get that much attention, their so easily maintained with a little love and they really bloom into beautiful arrangements.
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