did you decide to buy an stuff toys instead of pet?

@mymaria (379)
April 24, 2009 11:50pm CST
yes i will, i like to buy an stuff toys instead of a pet. because for me its to difficult to care them, specially when they have a fever. expensive also, in their food., cleaning their waste.very hassle.
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• Pakistan
24 May 09
Ahh yes. Cleaning up the roughage is certainly a part of pet keeping that a pain in the back. But again, stuffed toys don't moew at you when they're hungry, or play with you, or fetch ball, or bite you even when you're scratching their tummies.. :p Certainly toys can't make up for the living. Although they do come in handy when you're going to sleep and you need something to hug. :p
• Philippines
21 May 09
I would like to agree on that excuse because for me, i can't get a dog or cat as a pet because we are living in a flat and the place is just not big. That is why the only pet we have at home are fishes in aquarium. But if we are able to save money to buy our own place, then that's the right time to have pets. For now, i would also like a stuff toy to hug and to look at. I would really wanted to buy such a very big stuff toy bear
@nonew3 (1941)
• United States
21 May 09
I am a serious cat person but I don't have the money and time to properly take care of a cat, and so I have a bunch of stuffed animals in my tiny studio apartment.
• India
25 Apr 09
yes,in my point of view in our busy life ther eis no tie to care for pets...if we are having pets means we have to spend a lot time to them .........if it's a toy its looking good and cleaning everyday and caring is not necessary......but sometimes we feel that naturality missing in the toys.....any way naturality is good rather than an artificial one....pets have life so we have to care them by spending some time with them .........this is my opinion friend