why do i always suffer dysmenorrhea?

April 25, 2009 10:42pm CST
im already married and has a kid. they say that if you're already gave birth you won't suffer from dysmennorhea anymore. it is false. every month i always have this painful feeling. my works are all paralyzed every time my abdomen and back ache together. i eat vegies and exercise before my period. but these things didn't work. poor me!any suggestions?
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• United States
27 Apr 09
I have never had this problem before. I would say just lay in your bed for a few hours till the pain goes away.
@currykai (427)
• Malaysia
26 Apr 09
I am having dysmenorrhea every month although I am not married I am yet to find a cure to it too. I am always ingesting painkiller during the period and I guess that was the only way so far. I have heard that childbirth could reduce these pain symptoms but I guess from your experience there is a likelihood not..hmmm However as for myself, I could feel the pain is lesser when I am active in sports and when I lose some weight. I have also heard of oral contraceptives could also lessen the dysmenorrhea pain. But if the pain is really severe, is best you would visit a gynecologist for treatment advise. I hope you find your way. Happy mylotting!