do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend ?

@nzldzh (75)
April 25, 2009 11:44pm CST
Love is the most important thing in our life . NO one can live without love .we need love from time to time .Maybe you and she meet in the street or in the bus stop ,even in the school.........Then tell us where you and she meet the first time .
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@berrys (865)
• Singapore
26 Apr 09
love IS the most important in our live but only to a certain extend. we often see shows/movies where rich kids are portrayed having all the money and toys in the world except love and all they want is love. its only human nature to want to be love and love is enough to keep us going. me and my boyfriend met in an ice cream parlor. we were both lining up for baskin robins but when we got in the front of the line there was only two flavors left and there was only enough for us to get one scoop full, so we decided to get a double scoop cup with toppings and to share it. to my amazement he turned out to be a very decent guy and he was so funny i couldn't stop laughing that night. and finally at the end of the night he leaned in for a kiss only i back away and said i barely knew him, he then cheekily and smoothly asked for a date and i excepted after a few dates we became exclusive and i have just always loved how we met.