How does your religion influence your life?

April 26, 2009 12:06am CST
Religious doctrines,rituals and gospels greatly influence the life style of a person,in many ways. It instills and strengthens one's faith on the super being,the Almighty God and His power. It prompts one to live a life of humbleness,tolerance,honesty,truthfulness and non-violence. However, the sanctity and importance of all religions are gradually eroding in the light of the growing religious riots and violences,in many parts of the world,greatly affecting the communal peace and harmony. What are your view points?
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@savypat (20247)
• United States
26 Apr 09
I am spiritual but not religious so I can allow for all that cause no harm to anyone. I am sure that this shapes my life a great deal
• India
6 Jan 11
Thanks for sharing your viewpoints. Have a nice day!!
@KrauseHome (35025)
• United States
31 Jan 11
Personally from my stand point, I would personally say it is overall my relationship with Jesus as my savior moreover my religion, or choice of church that I attend. I honestly believe that you have to attend a church that preaches from the Bible and teached Godly standards and to be of the world, but not in the world. There is way more to it than going to church once a week and sit on a pew. Too many people and churches now adays tend to just play with the idea of church and god and attend a church but are found in the Bars, and other wordly places smoking, drinking and cussing the other times. Yes, church is important and a relationship with Jesus as your personal savior is important but you need to have the willingness in your heart to want to serve him and allow him to help and change you for the better as well.
• India
31 Jan 11
I heartily support your standpoint.I greatly appreciate your strong faith on the values and essence of the preachings of the Bible that strengthen your relationship with Jesus as your personal savior. It is important to honestly and naturally follow the path that your heart and mind carve out for you,no matter how greatly it differs from the paths that others follow.We are at different level of consciousness of mind and accordingly have different choices of ways to establish relationship with God. One's personal choice is the best one as it helps an individual to evolve to higher and higher level of awareness of the divine power of God and of the Absolute truth of life.
• United States
2 Jan 11
Narayan- I have to agree that it seems perhaps that modern day takes on "religion" in general have led to people losing sight of seeking enlightenment. I also think that at times we can be greatly misled about people simply based upon our media coverage of said wars and violence. It's easy to skew an entire belief system because of the acts of a few bad people. I think that one, if one chooses, can find God/The Divine, in everything he or she comes in contact. Personally I believe that each one of us is a holy divine sentient being regardless of what name or title of faith we use here on earth, or even if we choose not to belong to an "organized" religion. I agree that we should be good for the right reasons. Is a man truly a good man if he chooses not to steal because of the fear of punishment? Should a good man not steal because it simply the right thing to do? Namaste-Anora
• India
3 Jan 11
Anora- Thank you for sharing your thoughts and viewpoints.I do agree with your belief.Religion should be strong enough to bring to the individual in a natural manner a state of fulfillment in life without strenuous practice of following a rigid system of rituals.A fully alive and true religion will be one through which each person becomes a person of realized God-consciousness,a person enjoying the full values of life,a man of God; the Divine manifested in form of a man or woman on earth. The Lord of the universe dwells kindly in the heart of everyone to see that no one suffers.To maintain the eternal and abundant flow of love,happiness and evolution of everyone,the omnipresent Lord of the universe abides naturally in everything.It is analogous to a powerful businessman who is rarely found in actual place of business,who remains unseen and yet effectively controls everything. To meet him,one needs to meet him in seclusion,in his silent chamber, away from the hustles and bustles of the business scene. Likewise, the supreme Controller of the universe,influencing everything as the ultimate basis of all universal activity and phenomenal relative life ,dwells in the secluded chamber of the heart of everyone and everything. Have a nice day!!
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