I did it! Finally! :)

United States
April 26, 2009 4:57am CST
I finally figured out how to get my blog added to my Mylot profile! :) Yay! At least that parts over lol. Now I just need to know if my blog is any good :) So if you could go check it out and give me any comments I would appreciate it A LOT. It's called Give Them A Voice, and it's all about helping out animal shelters and the beautiful animals in them. I have 4 seperate blogs...the main one is basically infomative articles, one with creative stories trying to tug at your heartstrings when it comes to these homeless animals. Go see for yourself about the other 2 ;P And I really would appreciate comments on my articles, if there is one you have something to say about it :D And of course telling friends is always helpful! hehe The thing is there are 2 Google ads per Blog...4 blogs, that makes 8 ads total. I would REALLY appreciate it if you would just click all those just once. If you clicked all 8 ads that would get me about 2 bucks in my google adsense account--and I hope to get enough money to donate to the Humane Society. I think it's fitting to donate the money to them when my blog is about helping their animals! So please let me know ANYTHING you want to say, I welcome contrustive criticism. :) Thanks!
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• Philippines
29 Apr 09
congratulations. trying to do something you really want to do has its fruits. and here is the fruit of your labor. you got your blog registered here in myot. Congaratulations again. I have tried making blogs but it seems that this is not the thing for me so i stopped writing on them.
• United States
29 Apr 09
Well I always tried to make a blog but like you, I would always stop writing and lose interest...so one day I just thought--what would I MAKE myself keep writing about..what would I never lose interest in...and that's when it hit me :D Animals! Helping animals more specifically...I could easily guilt myself into keeping up with a blog I make to help raise awareness, and money, for homeless animals. Thank you!