wget and imagej

@blanne (174)
April 26, 2009 9:06am CST
Have you tried wget or imagej? I was wondering about the full functions of the two, as well as the benefits I could get from them. I know the two of them are really different, but as of this moment I am looking for a topic that I could use for my thesis (w/c we actually call as Special Project). If you are a wget user: Do you find wget very useful? If so, how did it make your life more easier? Have you encountered some problems while using the software? Are there any features you would have wanted the software to have? If you are an imagej user: Probably, you are more into geoinformatics. Honestly, I have no idea about GIS yet but I would still like to know how imagej actually works. I tried running the software and pressed buttons here and there but I still don't completely understand the software. So if I pursue on doing something involving the imagej, I would have to create a java plug-in for it. So what do you think imagej should have? Thanks for all those who will answer this discussion. I will truly appreciate it. :)
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