What should i do to become and act like a true man?

Saudi Arabia
April 26, 2009 12:48pm CST
Im just wandering. . When will i act like a true man?im 16 y/o and acting still like a child,and my mind is not mature yet. . how can i fix my childish life?pheewww!!!! i think i should grow now and be mature. . Sometimes when i watched movies im very jealous to the actor and i want to act like they act. . . can someone help me?
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@pal7604 (98)
• Sweden
26 Apr 09
You do not have to do anything in my opinion. As long as you are honest & trustworthy. Just be yourself because this is the real you! No need to play on a different role. You are not on screen play? You familiar with the song "Just the Way You Are?" Just be yourself. Good-luck!
• Saudi Arabia
26 Apr 09
thanks for your opinion and support pal! !:))