April 26, 2009 1:09pm CST
i think that there should be no homework ,isnt studing in school enough after 6hr we come home tired and exusted.and as you come home you think to get some rest when you remember that you have homework.if u r in favour of no homework vote for this
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@ukey19 (30)
• Malaysia
28 Apr 09
Actually there are lots of benefits we get if we've a homework. Can you remember and understand all the knowledge you learn from the class? If not, homework is the best answer to solve this problem unless you're a very genius who remember every single knowledge you got. In my place, My class start at 7.10a.m and it finish at 4.30p.m. You've have another 18 hours each day and i think you have an ample of time for rest and to do your hobby.
• United States
26 Apr 09
Sorry, can't vote with you on this one! 6 hours? Is that it? In other countries (who repeatedly our perform us on international tests) they attend school from 7 A. M. to about 4 P.M. They have a couple hours to go home eat, visit with the family, and finish their homework before returning to class from 7-9 p.m. On the other hand, I do not think a student needs an overly large amount of homework. Homework is basically so the student can see how well they grasped the concepts taught in class. It is very good practice to work on it alone to see if the goal was accomplished. A student doesn't need 100 questions to see if they got the idea or not. If they have the idea, they can work 10 problems as well as 100. If they did not get it, they cannot work 10 let alone 100 problems. 3-5 different sorts of problems or questions are sufficient to find out if the student truly grasped the concept.
@chigawaga (593)
• Canada
26 Apr 09
i think tehre should be no homework!my sons school never sends homeworks becaue they believe its not gonan help them just willa dd more stress.and tehy are right i son is averaging mostly 4s and the rest 3s,4s are above average,adn 3 is right were he should be.i dont think its gonna make a difference,maybe when hes in highschool it might be important for certain classes like studying for tests etc.but in elementry school i dont think they should send homework