Dog food! Has anyone ever switched up dog food on your dog? what happened?

United States
April 26, 2009 1:09pm CST
i switched up dog food on my pitbull and she got really sick from it. Is it bad to switch up dog food?
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@bellaofchaos (11550)
• United States
27 Apr 09
If you are trying to introduce a new food to your dog you have to gradually do it or else yes they can get sick since they are not use to having the new food that you have given them. If I were you and you were trying to switch the food I would put three quarters of what they are use to in the bowl with one quarter of the new food for two time then move it to half and half for two times and then one quarter of the old and 3/4 of the new for two time and then after that they should be successfully introduced to the new food. You will also notice that when you take your time like this if your dog is going to be able to tolerate the new food or if your dog won't. something you need to take it slow with this is one of them.
@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
26 Apr 09
I have switched my dogs food, and what I did was mix it with the old dog food, that way it wouldn't be hard on their digestive system. That is what I was told at the vets, since their digestive system is very sensitive and they will get sice easily. That would be my suggestion is to mix it with the old for about a week or so then you can go to just the new dog food, and it should be ok. Keep us posted if it works or not, but it should as it did for me.
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
26 Apr 09
It really depends on the animal. Many purebreds have digestive problems that switching dog foods can trigger. Fortunately mine aren't purebred & can eat anything thrown to them from dog food to road kill.
@Amberina (1541)
• United States
26 Apr 09
What you have to do is ease your new food in with your old food just give them half old and half new at feeding time.