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April 26, 2009 5:42pm CST
For each person the definition of a relationship is different. I think I have a problem but I am not sure. My girlfriend does things that really makes me mad. I feel like when I want to do something but she complains that she doesnt want to do it. She gets really mad when she wants to do something that I really do not want to do it. For instance, A couple days ago I wanted to go to a baseball game and she did not want to go. I then caught a chewing because I didnt want to go to a dance program at our local college. Do I have an issue or am I taking this way out of porportion?
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@larish (2195)
• Philippines
26 Apr 09
It seems that you and your girlfriend has different interest. It is better that you both check why you have this relationship in the first place. You both have to be together because you share the same values and interest. Otherwise, ou will reallly end up into fighting most of the time.
• United States
27 Apr 09
Thanks, We get along more than not. It is just the littlest things that bug me. Its nothing financial or anything like that. I am the one that blows money, I love shopping. LOL. Coming from a guyoi guess that is a miracle. She hates shopping
• Philippines
27 Apr 09
why dont you both talk and settle the issue. im sure there is much bigger problem than you let on...and then try to compromise. it doesnt mean that you both have different interests, dont mean that its the end of your relationship. its how you both work around the relationship that counts. for instance, you want to go to the baseball game try letting her go with you so that when she wants to go to the dance program you should also go. but make sure both of you are not forced into doing it. just compromise and negotiate...sweat the small stuff...dont be to perfectionist anyway... learn to accept her the way she that she will learn to accept you the way you are. best of luck