Does the IP address changes?

April 26, 2009 9:47pm CST
I saw in my another site they have a record of my IP address. They have this "my last IPs", yesterday and today my IP address is different. I dont understand. I dont know anything about IP adress. What is it different?
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@sammyspam (374)
• Australia
27 Apr 09
Your IP address is given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Some ISP's give you a dynamic or static IP address. Static means your IP address is always the same unless you request a change or you or your ISP change it manually. A dynamic IP address will change everytime you reconnect to the internet. There are benefits and disadvantages for both. Some companies may offer static and dynamic, for more information I would contact your Internet Service Provider.
@arkasen (748)
• India
27 Apr 09
IP addresses is an unique number by which your computer is identified over internet. When ever you connect to internet an IP address is allocated to your computer by your internet service provider so then when you send and receive data then your computer can be identified. Generally our IP changes for every different connecting sessions. That is every time you connect to internet you are allocated a IP dynamically but the IP remains same for one connected session.
@locolou (111)
• Spain
27 Apr 09
The IP configuration in the ISP servers is dinamic. Sometimes change because, usually, we are behind a proxy cache. It's the great idea of the ISP, more fast visiting the www because the servers keep a copy of the pages but if the page contain some errors we always see the page with errors. :-)
• India
27 Apr 09
Ip address is the address of your location or house.It for find who are browse.The hackers hide their ip using some software .Then they will mask them.If u want to hide your ip address visit my website.If you hide your ip address you can fake website admin
@Dasari100 (3803)
• Anantapur, India
27 Apr 09
For every computer there is a I P address because they have given for security and for another sites to, some sites will record I P address because they want to know how many accounts opened in the same computer then they can understand easily but some sites don't mind the address.