Not all wines get better with age...

@reinydawn (11649)
United States
April 27, 2009 6:11am CST
It is true that some wines do get better with age, but not all wines are meant to be openned years after they are made. And yesterday we had one of those wines! We were at my mother's for dinner and we took a bottle of wine - a 2003 or something recent. It was pretty good, but with 4 people drinking it, it didn't go very far. So my sister brought over a bottle of wine that she had had since Christmas. She got it as part of the gift exchange, it was from her son, who does not drink. I think it was from 1998 and aparenty it should have been drank that same year! We knew something wasn't right when we tried to open the bottle and the cork about fell apart. We ended up pushing what was left of the cork back into the bottle because it wouldn't come out. When I poured it, I could tell from looking at it that it was turning to vinegar. I did take one sip (small sip) and it was horrible! It did make for some good coversation though :)
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