would you like to live with your mother inlaw who is selfish and nagger?

South Korea
April 27, 2009 9:43am CST
today i went outside our apartment to thraw some garbage and happend i met thislady who always say'hi, hello' like that,and she invited me to visit her house sometimes,but i don't get any chance to come over her house, her husband is a lawyer. but she was living her mother inlaw,i saw her today she been very different that the first time we met, todya she looks so stress,problematic,deepressed, and tired, i ask her if she has any sick and she cried while she talked to me that she is living with her momther inlaw, her mother inlaw always manipulate her relationship with her husband, she has a baby and she is breastfeeding, now the baby is 9 months old, and ofcourse she need to give her breastmilk, but her mom inlaws always say why you still give your milk,you baby is already big enough to eat hard foods, but the baby doesnt want to eat yet maybe the baby is not ready yet for the hard foods. so she get bottleof milk and feed her baby still her mom got angry and toldher you are very stupid why you give the bottle the milk is very exxpensive. the baby is very sickly so sometimes she she feel hard to give medicine so the baby always crying if she give the medicine. and again her mom will interact and get the medicine coz she wanted to give it to the baby, instead the baby will take 3ml each time.so she need to give 3x a day, but her mom inlaw want to give it just one dose 3 times 3 so 9ml in one take, today i really felt sorry for her,she cried in front of me but im speechless i dont say anything just i hugged her and say be strong. how about you guys can you stand or would you want to live with your inlaws like this?
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@nv_jenn (207)
• Canada
27 Apr 09
I can completely understand the feeling. I don't live with my mother in law but she lives right next door to us and it drives me absolutely insane everyday. I love my mother in law but she nags and gets in our business about every little thing. She tries to tell us how to raise our kids meanwhile she wasn't the best mother herself, which really offends me. She always asks whether we paid our bills and other things like that. As soon as our kids cough she thinks they need to be ran to the doctors because the have some sort of infection. I finally told her last week (my daughter caught the flu) that I am her mother nad if I choose to take her to the doctors then I will, until then mind your business! She wasn't impressed that I said that but after 14 years of being with her son you think she would give me some sort of credit. Our children are 9 & 10 so we must be doing something right. They are happy and healthy so I don't find it right that she is always nagging us. I am finally getting enough nerve to tell her how I feel regardless of the outcome. It's not fair that she bullies us like that. I feel for your friend and hope the best all works out with her.