^_^ I have been breastfeeding for two months now^_^

Eye contact with Timmy after breastfeeding :-) - Timmy, are you looking into mommy's eyes? Mommy loves you, muacksss....
April 27, 2009 10:14am CST
Hello my friends. My baby boy is already 2 months and 1 week old. Since the day that he could tolerate the food, i have been breastfeeding him for 2 months already. I am quite happy with this results I am glad that i can insist doing this until now as some of the persons around me do not support me exclusively breastfeeding him. They think mixing the formula milk and breast milk is more convenient for me and good for baby, they also think that the breast milk is not that "thick" as formula milk so that the baby will not be full or will get diarrhea easily. Anyway, i just keep on doing what i think it is right and comfortable for me. Honestly, i am worried about my milk production as i will be going to college soon. I am afraid my milk supplies will not meet the baby's demand since the baby is growing every day and he needs more to eat gradually. Breastfeeding is good for mommy and baby, hence, my goal is to breastfeed my baby for at least six months, for sure i would love to breastfeed him as long as i can. Every time breastfeeding him, i will feel sleepy and tired, perhaps the hormone made me feel that way, interestingly, my baby will fall sleep easily after breastfeeding. Sometimes, he suckles until falling into sleep, i love to see him like that, everything seems to be peaceful for us at that moment. I love to have this special bonding time together with him. Besides, i also have to pump out the extra milk for storage. I wish i can produce more milk so that i can store the milk for him. These few days, there is an increase in the milk production, i can now already fridge 4-5 bottles (4oz). This is really a motivation for me to keep on pumping frequently. I have read from forum that some people really have a lot of milk, the fridge is full of milk storage. Awwwwsome..... I hope i can have this results too!!! :-D Are you breastfeeding baby? How long do you breastfeed? Do you enjoy breastfeeding? Please share your experience with me. I would like to know more tips on breastfeeding.:-)
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