Do you like to play Animal Crossing City Folk?

@amafrias (456)
United States
April 27, 2009 11:21am CST
I am a 40 year old Mom and Business owner and I am totally addicted to this game. It is a real time game, so I spend all day looking forward to getting home and checking on my flowers and fruit trees. I am growing Hybrid Flowers in the game and cannot wait to log on to see if I have any new flowers each day. I have 3 characters, and have just paid off all three of their houses. I have 4 bridges, a town fountain, and a new lighthouse. Does this sound wierd to you? If you've played it are you hooked? If you haven't played it, I probably sound totally wack. I think that mostly adults play this game, not sure why, I have a group for the game and it is 100% adults, mostly women my age playing. Why do you think this is?
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