Starving Senior Citizens

@yesah65 (158)
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April 27, 2009 2:10pm CST
The economy is not just bad, but close to becoming non-existent. So many people have absolutely no income and assistance programs are drying up. All the while, we keep hearing about bail outs; So far, only the already, well-to do bankers and financial firms have been helped. Talk, talk, talk! There is a lot of so-called plans to create jobs and put the American worker back to work. Unfortunately, if you don't do construction or some related occupation, you may not find a job. To date, all we have heard is a lot of talk and excuses why the wealthy bankers need to be bailed out; If you believe that? If the day should ever come that jobs are created, only the able bodied will be go to work. But what of the millions that can't work anymore? In this country there are millions of Senior citizens that can no longer work, and sure are not surviving on what Social Seccurity pays. They either buy their medicine, or their food...but not both! Except for a measly 250 dollar check they will get, there is no hope. It has already been announced that Social Security recipients will NOT recieve a raise for about 2 more years and that Medicare will continue to increase and be taken out of their checks. It's as if the Govt is telling them to take the 250 and drop dead. All this little bit does is to allow the politicians the comfort of "SAYING" they helped. The last time there was a stimulus check, Seniors got 300 dollars, but since then it was obviously decided Seniors are NOT WORTH the extra 50 dollars. If it were up to me, all congressmen and politicians would suffer Social Security upon retirement. Have you ever noticed that the people making policy, playing with our lives, our money, haven't a CLUE what it is like to do without... I am all for helping others, but not until we can help ourselves. Our politicians continue to dole out billions to foreign countries and have their lavish parties while our citizens go hungry. It makes the Politicos look good, while they are "talking" and having fun...It continues to amaze me how they can get up in front of the cameras to announce some tragic event...always SMILING???
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28 Apr 09
I am a senior and I see no improvement in our economy in the near future. As long as we have an incompetent president who surrounds himself with tax evaders, crooks and illegal immigrant lovers it is only going to get worse. The administration seems more interested in pampering illegals with benefits and the bailouts using our tax dollars!