salad is very important

@willy6 (492)
April 27, 2009 8:00pm CST
Vegetable is very good for our body and the best way we can cook and store our vegetable is very important. We have to maintain the nurtrience in our green that it can benefit our body. There are a lot of times things on the vegetable that we believe cannot eat is the most nutritious part. I use to throw away cucumber skin, but I get to understand that it is the best part. So we have to be very careful, and find out whats good and whats not.
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@med889 (5958)
30 Apr 09
Yes it is very important and im trying to prepare at home as I spent too much money buying outside.
• United States
28 Apr 09
I grew up on a farm. My dad mostly raised vegetables without pesticides. It was just fine for us to eat the skin of the cucumber. In the U.S. cucumbers that are sold in most grocery stores are treated with wax and other additives. I usually peel the cucumbers unless they are organic. The skin of a vegetable always holds a lot of nutrients but if they have been sprayed with pesticides, it is best to throw away the outer portions. What a terrible thing to do to our food.
@kellyt82 (204)
• United States
28 Apr 09
I know alot of people also go for iceburg lettuce right away. It has barely any calories, but it also has no nutritional value. I always use a dark leafy green as the base of my salad. They still barely have any calories, but are packed with vitamins. I think the dark greens taste better anyways!