how to improve our self esteem

@willy6 (492)
April 27, 2009 9:19pm CST
We all think and feel in a certain way about ourself. The difference between us it is that some think positively about themself, while others do not have happy thought in what concern their situation self esteem is a fragile system that can be troubled by arents. Having a low self esteem can be a source of problem to many people. But let us have a positive thinking, do no think negatively and let us believe in our self, and that will help to boost our confident along with other things.
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@jules67 (2790)
• Philippines
12 Jun 09
Do not rely on other people's perception of you. You are who you think you are. If you think negatively of yourself then it is most likely that you will have low self-esteem. So, think positively of yourself. Try ways to improve by learning some things everyday. Get to know more people who would be a good influence on you. Read more, study more, and make everyday always a learning process.
@omiami (412)
• Malta
29 Apr 09
The best way to feel positive about one self is to behave naturally and I am sure that this will help us in a positive way. I cannot say that i have a high selfesteem or something but from my experience I can say that when a person behaves naturally, one shouldnt be afraid of anything. we should be always ourselves and slowly we will improve our way of thinking about ourselves
@yuhesky (142)
• China
28 Apr 09
keep quit, don't do anything for's the best way.