''God bless you!''?

April 28, 2009 2:27am CST
Why do we say ''God bless you!'' when somebody sneezes? If anyone knows, please share your knowledge - thank you!
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• Philippines
28 Apr 09
in older times, when somebody sneezes they believe that the soul leaves that person's body.they say "god bless you" so that the soul will return the body safely.it's like they're asking God to bless your soul.
@vivianchen (2648)
• China
28 Apr 09
Hello ButterflyEs, "God bless you" is someone say to you when you sneezes, right? It funny,in China, especially cantoness(as i am), when we sneezes we say " lucky me" to ourselves. Why? Because it was say that the reason you sneeze is because someone is cursing you, when you say "lucky me", the curse or bad luck will away. I am not sure if this have the same meaning what we say" god bless you" when you sneeze.
@bodhisatya (2384)
• India
28 Apr 09
Hi, When a person sneees, his heart is stopped for one tenth of a second, hence the saying.
@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
28 Apr 09
Even I don't know answer to this. But whenever I sneeze in public, I always say "Excuse me" or "Sorry" and if some one tells me "God bless you", then I just say "Thank you" and smile........... Atleast you earn a blessing, otherwise who has time to bless anybody now in this fast life.
@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
28 Apr 09
Because is funny when somebody sneeze, and can t be a sad thing. Is a sign of simphaty, sometimes when talk about something very serious, and somebody sneeze, you see that all smile? and maybe the mood is changing. Is a sign that peoples are more relax, and for this "God bless" is very right to say...maybe exist other explanation too, but this is mine, as i see the things
• Philippines
28 Apr 09
Hello ButterflyEs, My mother told me once that when you sneeze, your heart actually stops beating. So you should say "God bless you" because the person who sneezes might actually die. :c