which way do you lead to love your parents?implicit or apparent?

April 28, 2009 5:51am CST
i love my parents,my family,and this is the only one i can`t leave or drop.but i`m not sure i can say"i love you" to them easily.really hard to me to say these words. wish they would understand my emotion and feeling,in this certain,i`m a shy girl. but in other ways,the opposite action totally.i love singing,dancing,playing with all my friends and smiling everyday. of course i understand their love exactly,i`m the only child in the whole family,i suppose that`s the point i ususlly feel lonely,no other sisters or brothers.too much love and hope on me,sometimes i can`t bear this, power of love,so huge and powerful.this time,i feel a little upset,but i know i must confront all the challenges. so,what about your love to parents,implicit like me or more apparent?
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• China
28 Apr 09
Hi! As a chinese ,i fully understand what is the feeling about your parents in your deep heart.Mostly we chinese think it is somehow embarrassed to say "I love you" to a family member,instead we choose to keep it in our own heart and replace saying "I love you" with some considerate actions.And i think this is also the best example for the well-known saying "Actions speak louder than words".
• China
29 Apr 09
yap,actions speak louder than words,i totally understand that wors. yesterday i asked this question to one of my friends,in some certain,we all have sth in common,and i think in this qestion,we have the same situation. some girls or boys really miss their family home very much,hope the time in the home longer and longer,but we don`t like that,only a week in home is enough for both of us.sometimes we would argue with our parents in some different things,that`s really bored.we don`t like have quarrel with them,so just keep our emotion and missing inside our mind,and lead our own way to live.