How to remember roads and routes?????

April 28, 2009 8:45am CST
I have been living in this city for almost 2 years now but all I remember is the road to my workplace from home and just a few markets or near by hotels. If someone would ask me about the shortest path from my house I am totally blank. Moreover if I am taken to the same place from some other route,I am totally lost. I guess this is beacuse I don't drive myself,so I don't explore any new roads:S. But there has to be some other way (easy one). All I do while sitting in a car is to look out of the window,and start day dreaming,or admiring the car passing by, or getting lost in the structure of a building or the beautiful weather. And when the car stops at where I wanted to be,I am like Damn!!! I forgot to concentrate on the route again. Am I crazy :-S
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• Philippines
28 Apr 09
im sure you have a day off.. take a walk outside your house. bring a pen/pencil and paper, a compass, a city map.. start walking from your house to the end of your street. ake down notes and landmarks. dont get far. walk around your neighborhood so you could easily remember the streets. you can explore other area on your next day off. bringing a camera or video cam would also help you if you are really that forgetful. as you are walking, you'll start to discover more things about your city.