Driving License

Slovak Republic
April 28, 2009 2:49pm CST
Hi Today I am 18 years old and I can finally have driver license. The problem is that I am a little bit scared and dont have confidence that I would ever drive a car.
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• United States
28 Apr 09
If you've never driven a car at all you could always take a class if you have the money to do so. They're very helpful. I took driver's ed in high school & it helped me get over my fear b/c at the age of 14 had ran our car through our garage & was terrified to even be in a car let alone drive. My teacher knew about this & was very patient & understanding. If you can't afford a class get someone you trust to take you out in an empty parking lot or even down country roads that's not busy. Until you're comfortable enough to actually drive it's best not to get a license b/c being tense can be dangerous for you & for others on the road. Good luck...you can do it =)
• Slovak Republic
28 Apr 09
Yes I was thinking about that. My friend offered me a help to learn me the basics of driving but the problem is that we cant use his car because it is his mothers car. So theres no "test car" :)
@jane1981 (79)
28 Apr 09
congratulation on turning 18!! happy birthday!!! i think everybody is a little scared when they first get behind the whell - i certainly was!! it seemed quite complicated to start with but with some practice i passed first time. i think also you need to find a good teacher - one that has a good reputation - try through people you know and have had sucess. a good teacher will put your mind at ease and build your confidece and im sure you will be fine. when you pass your test just remember to be responsible - dont drink and drive or speed and also be aware of other drivers - there are quite a few who make me wonder how they passed thier test!! be confident in yourself, relax and have a good teacher! good luck!!
• Slovak Republic
28 Apr 09
Thanks for kind words. Yes I tried it a few weeks ago with my father. But it seems hard to me. I am trying to convince myself that it is because I dont have enough experience. I just hope it is because of that. And I would never drink when I am driving, I just hate those people.
• Indonesia
29 Apr 09
That was a big step ! congratulation don't worry practise makes perfect :D