If we can choose,what do you prefer,man or woman?

@fan2009 (122)
April 28, 2009 8:02pm CST
God create the world.We have no choice what we are.In the real world which is better?If you can choose what will you choose?If god let me choose I will choose man.I think man has many advantages than woman in many ways.Do you think so?
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• China
3 May 09
Absolutely I will choose to be a man.At least I have more freedom and I don't have to care too much about something.I may travel a long way to a remote area just by myself.But if I am a female,I may not be able to do so.Parents would forbid me to doso,friends may persuade me not to.Because they care too much about my safety.
@wisconsin26 (3859)
• United States
29 Apr 09
A man really don't have many more advantages than a women they can't have children. Women can.. I think though I am happy to be me a female. Reason being is that life just seems to be alot earlier, meaning a man is well known to be the guy that takes care of there family NOT that I am saying a women can't either.. When growing up I've always been told a man works a man supports the family, so on and so fourth.. Though it can always be another way around too.. But again I am happy how god created me.. You say in the real world which would you choose well this is the real world and you are who you are..