I found a knot under the skin on my chihuahua's back....

United States
@Toofancy (549)
April 28, 2009 9:51pm CST
Tink - My chihuahua, Tink.
Tonight we discovered a hard knot (probably the size between a nickel and a quarter) under the skin on my 3 year old chihuahua's back. It is located a little bit above his right front leg. It doesn't appear to be sensitive to touch. But now that I have felt it, I can even see it when I am not holding him. We just had him neutered 11 days ago, and he also got his rabies shot and distemper shot 11 days ago. Do you think it is anything done at the Vet's office 11 days ago that could have caused him to have this knot? I was just in the Vet's office yesterday getting his stitches removed. But at that time I had not noticed the knot. When they get their shots, where are they given on their bodies? What do you think this knot could be? I am so worried about it. I love this little doggy more than life itself, and I could not bear it if something happened to him. My husband says to just watch it for a while and then take him to the Vet if it doesn't go away. But I want to catch it as early as possible if it is something serious. What do you think?