April 28, 2009 10:40pm CST
I love watching movies. Specially horror and thriller movies. I also like action movies and sci-fi. But most of the movies that I watch are horror and thriller movies. I like watching Saw, you know Jigsaw, from part 1 up to part 5 I've watched it all. I even watch it repeatedly. I like how jigsaw play the games with his subject. He surely knows what the subject will do. He can anticipate it. I like watching Jason movies, Friday the 13th. Jason goes to hell and even freddie versus Jason. Wahaha!!! Freddie versus is a very bloody film. The blood just like water flowing from a faucet or from a fountain. And there is a new Jason movie again. I'm sure if its a remake of the 80's movies but im sure i will watch it and enjoy. What kind of movies do you like to watch????
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• Philippines
22 Dec 09
I love adventure,thriller,and comedy films.I love funny movies like White Chicks,Hot Chick,and Enchanted.I love thrillers like Speed and Cellular.I love adventure movies like Chronicles of Narnia.I also love animated films like Shrek,Monsters VS Aliens,Madagascar,and Toy Story.
• Philippines
4 May 09
Action, Sci-fi, Thriller, Horror, Romance, Musical. Honestly it deoends on my mood to watch sometimes. as of now, I'm into action/sci-fi/thriller movies.:) currently watching WOLVERINE.:P
@cieldz (711)
• Indonesia
29 Apr 09
i love watching horror, thriller, and action movies... i hate drama romance movies, so boring... i watched saw too, and movies and u must think like master criminal to solve the case... for the horror movies, i love japanese and korea movies.... oooh dont forget thai horror movies too... japanese, korea, and thai movies are the best...!! like Ju On (korea), shutter (thai), and the ring (japanese) ^^