Child care

@stahir45 (103)
April 29, 2009 3:45am CST
I have five children studying at college level and a couple of them doing job also. Two of them are firmly placed in computer education having common interest and discussing most of the things of common interest till late at night. The other two, one studying engineering and the other web and graphic designing also get in some way involved with the other two computer kids because they can also find some things to share about. The youngest one studying in the tenth class has been feeling somewhat neglected and disgusted as well. She doesn't at times find something interesting to share with them. She doesn't go to school because of post-exam holidays and remains at home sharing household chores with her mom. We watch TV for about one hour together and then thse guys rush to their computers. At times I get them to read some good editorial or some current affair news from the newspaper. Will anybody guide me as to whast should I do to keep her happy? She would be enrolled in a college after a couple of months and hopefully things will be happier to her then. Thanks
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