To Bk or not to BK

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@nielcdg (709)
April 29, 2009 8:38am CST
Have you ever faced a decision as serious as filing for a BK?What is your reason for doing so?With America's Economy now in a stand still and impending implosion, and Obama still slow to resolve. Americans a looking left and right to save their lives from Foreclosures, Predatory lenders and Credit card company's that are now resorting to down right degradation of the people they are collecting from. Attorney's have been richer than ever because of 5,000 or more filings in a day the biggest number across the nation since the last depression. How about you, do you think your ready for BK?Myths about Bk...My credit will be bad for 7- 10 years... Ans: Your Bk will stay on your record yes but you will have credit. The trick is to find the right banks and creditcard company's to get loans and new credit cards from. Myth 2....I will loose my house and my car if I file for BK. Ans: Not all the time, and it depends on what you are going to file and what you qualify for. People who file for Chapter 7 can still keep their homes there is a way for that. So what are your views, those who have filed and those who are planning to file:)
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