Can you drive straight up more than 6 hours?

United States
April 29, 2009 8:52pm CST
Last week, I drove straight up more than 6 hours. I drove from Atlanta all the way to Alabama. And I took about half hour to have dinner; then I drove straight back to Georgia. It really cost me back pain just by sitting in my car and driving. Can you drive you car in long distance without causing back pain?
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@chiyosan (30203)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
oh i am not familiar with driving, but it is rather hard to to just sit around for 6 long hours, much more drive it. we just came from a zambales trip, and it was about 4 -5 hours drive.. and my bf sure looked tired. hehe
@kming52 (280)
• China
30 Apr 09
no dout about it,my brother HAD DRIVEN ALMOST one whole day from SICHUAN PROVINCE TO JIANGXI PROVINCE. But he had had some food with a break stopped the car during the whole day's driving.
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
straight up... the most i ever did was 3.5 hours. and already my arms would be awfully sore. i'm imagining 6 hours... yeah back pain for sure. :) another friend advised me to take a few minutes rest evry now and then when travelling long distance. it's a good excuse to stretch your legs a bit and ease back pains. :)
@ladynetz (968)
• Canada
30 Apr 09
No way. If I sit more than an hour without changing positions, I suffer badly from back pains. I have to sit and stand, walk around every -let's say at least an hour.Might be that the age has something to do with it too.I'm not so young anymore, the body goes through all kinds of changes and it's harder and harder to do things we've done years ago.I find hard even to clean the house the way I did. Few years ago, I was cleaning all the house in three hours. Now, It takes me three hours for one floor only, and then I have to rest for the day. Unbeliavable! Back to driving, when having such a long way, I would better consider taking the train. Or stop every hour and walk a little bit. Just sit and drive - that's so hard. No wonder all truck drivers have severe back pain.