What you will do if have a terrible headache? tea?cold water? one pill?

@icesmile (7160)
April 29, 2009 10:31pm CST
I hate when i have a headache, make my life a hell, but i try don t take pills, i don t want to be pills addicted, i try just with cold water on my head or with a tea with honey, or some fresh air. i try massage too, can help sometimes, What you will do if have a terrible headache? Can be intersting to know for everybody, share with us..
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
hi icesmile! i hate it too when i have a headache. i always have a migraine. if i can help it, i don't take pills. i would get a massage or rather get somebody to just massage my head and then apply liniment or something soothing on my forehead and nape. then i would go to sleep. or sometimes, i would take a bath, if the migraine is caused by too much heat. if, after doing all this and nothing happens, then i take a pill and go back to sleep. it is actually so much trouble for me when i get a headache because i could not function anymore. i have a low threshold for pain, unlike others who can continue working even with a headache. so that is what i do. oh by the way, i also use an ice bag and put it over my head. take care and God bless you! happy mylotting! :D
@ktosea (2025)
• China
30 Apr 09
yeah,I guess what you did is right,take too many of pills is surely not good for our health,we mibht become a pill addicted.but you need to know why you get terrible headaches,there must be a reason,I often have headache while I get a fever,I guess my haed can not stand so much heat and it becomes pain,but normally I don't have a headache.
@anniefannie (1737)
• United States
30 Apr 09
mix vinger amd water together will help headaches sometime.
@nanayangel (7861)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
Hi there Ice Smile! I had headaches frequently when I started taking contraceptive pills but it came away after a while and I did nothing about it. But for headaches not concerning my use of pills, I try to sleep and that didn't happen frequently and it worked everytime.