Oh Please!! Give Mr Obama a chance.

@MasonL (97)
Trinidad And Tobago
April 29, 2009 11:36pm CST
OH Please!! Give Mr Obama a chance, it's only 100 days he's a president others had 5 years and more, and they where hardly held responseable for their country, so many non-sense were done while they were in power and to what degree were they held responsible for there country. Why's so many people speculating? is it because he's black and that since a black man is given a chance to be America's President he's going to wave some magic wand and and ever thing will be all right with America? He have a lot of mess to clean what other's left before he become President, so every one should relax and wait.
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@sambilay (175)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
people are so suspicious and sometimes they cannot understand things around them. well in the case of obama, since people have a great or very much expectation, he follows it follows the roots of erap Estrada in the Philippines. people do not like to see the bright side of a person but what they are seeing is what are wrong.
@MasonL (97)
• Trinidad And Tobago
30 Apr 09
I think that any one that becomes president, People should have a great and very much expectaton, not just for Obama, after all they are America's president, People are just harassing.
@ro2ndra (14)
• Indonesia
30 Apr 09
We can not deny that The background of President Obama affect the way other people think. He is black-America, still young, coming from nowhere, maybe lack of experience. Most people in the world give appreciation to him. They want him to change the way America act. He is the new guy after all. For America people who want to change, think in the same way. They give him a chance. But for them who pessimist, will always think in the negative way. If you noticed, when nominate himself to become president, the opponent always attack his background. And now, when they do not immediately feel the results from his policy, they attack again... they do not like to wait...