Help with my dog

April 30, 2009 1:59am CST
Last night my dog keeps on barking and no matter what i do i can't stop her. Her bark is very pitchy and it annoys everyone who hears it. I need some help because i don't know how to control her.
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@rosekiss (30270)
• Eugene, Oregon
8 May 09
Both my dogs are barkers too, and it drives me nuts. The one will sit up on the couch, look out the window and start barking at anything lol. Most of the time there is nothing out there, but if there is another dog, they literally go bonkers lol. I am at my wits end as I have tried to get them to stop like the dog whisperer does, but to no avail. I guess I am just not calm enough. It sure is hard though, they can try my patience and I think they know that too. I will just have to be moe calm and see what happens. It is amazing though that they can pick up on us if we are tense. If we are tense then they become that way. I have tried to remain calm assertive, but it is sure hard. These dogs are around 15 lbs a piece and they can bark with the best of them lol. They also bark like crazy when they see dogs while I am walking them. I try to calm them down immediately. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I sure am not the dog whisperer lol. Well, have a good day, and happy mylottng.
• Philippines
10 May 09
She actually barks at anything like you've said. Sometimes to my mom or cousin, if i have food or whenever i cook, someone's on the door. But most of the time she barks at foods. Even though i give her some she keeps on barking. one night she drived me crazy and i lost my patience with her to the point of yelling. i thought it was just my dog who is a barker.
@Soteira (75)
• United States
30 Apr 09
First thing you should do is consult your vet. If there is nothing wrong with her then you could try a safe bark collar, make sure you look into them first and do as much research as possible on the brand/type you choose. Also, don't give her attention when she is barking, negative or positive, she may be doing it just to get your attention.
@qiao522 (449)
• China
30 Apr 09
Did she eat something inappropriate? I never met this difficulty. Sorry, I can't help.