did you ever met with an accident

April 30, 2009 6:37am CST
hi, it may be a sad type of question,but still i ask did you ever met with an accident. why it happens. are you seriously injured. who helped you while you are in that emergency
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• United States
30 Apr 09
Yes, I have been involved in accidents. Two main ones. Both times I was thrown out of the vehicle. The first one was not too bad. I was thrown out and suffered a head injury. The second one my car was hit by a bus and I was thrown out and my body wrapped around the guard rail. I had over 100 stitches in my head and many minor injuries but no broken bones.
• Indonesia
30 Apr 09
yes, I have met with several accident in my life, but I'm always got away unscratched, I do the helping part tough. It usually happens because recklessness and bad luck, bad combination in element of life (lol) it's not something to be laugh at actually. I still remember the worse one, a teenager in his motorcycle, driving at high speed, and crashed to the tree in front of my school (I was 18 at that time), it's really not beautiful sight, he got his head down to his shoulder... ugh it's hard to explain, and the motorcycle is folded to "V" shape, miraculously he's saved (I wonder how) it's really not something to remember.