your comment is highly appreciated!

April 30, 2009 7:59am CST
i dont like to respond to a discussion that the starter of the discussion doesn't comment back on your reply..because for me it is just like talking to a wall! or to a disappoint me sometimes...thats why, on my part, as much as possible, when i start a discussion, i make it sure i could comment back, at least your fellow mylotter would know how you react with her/his comment, right?... if i am not online when her/his message is posted, i will check on it when i come online soon, and comment back. how about you, what do you feel about mylotters who are not commenting back?
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@akuler (3539)
• Malaysia
6 Oct 09
Hi amandoalexandra, Whatever you are saying above is right. It is not a discussion if you didn't comment back to your response. it is just like a question and answer session. One ask question and the rest give their answer. And whoever get the best response (if the discussion started have time to give it), give the correct answer. It is lame. When I find someone who never comment back to his/her responder, I usually didn't reply to his/her discussions. Why should I give my response when I know he/she will never read it. But, if it is at the end of the month and I need some extra pennies to reach my payout, I might respond to it.
• United States
3 May 09
The only time that it bothers me is when I'm replying to someones discussion and say you make a good reply nothing stupid, has to do with the topic and everything. The thing that bothers me is when you look back at the discussion everyone else's reply was answered but yours. when this happens more than once with the same person I just quit replying to their discussions because I fill like their not interested in what I have to say to start with.
@babshish (1390)
• India
30 Apr 09
Hi there, totally agree with you, but sometimes may be the starter of discussion is not commenting, but your responses may be helpful to others, who read the discussions and responses. So I feel we can share our knowledge or views to particualr discussion which we feel we can do value addition. Just continue doing the work and don't expect for the returns, you will get something good for your valuable responses. This is my thinking. I usually do comment on the responses I get from the members, to appriciate their feedback and helping me. Because if I have started any discussion, I am looking for views from other and if they reply its my duty to thank them for their time and feedback.
@boogerman (1548)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
Good day, amandoalexandra. Well, of course, when I post response on discussions, I expect for comments. I just want to see how their opinions about my response. For me, receiving comments from responses indicates that my response was appreciated by someone. Happy mylotting..=)
@sambilay (175)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
ya your right. some do not update their posts and it makes no sense. i hate when you reply and ask a question to them, they do not want to reply back.