What is your Broadband connection speed??

@jimmy87 (475)
April 30, 2009 8:03am CST
Hey MyLotters,I have got broadband connection of speed up to 2 Mbps.But,I don't think that's the speed they provide me because the downloads are very slow. Do anyone of you know,how can I know my broadband connection speed? And what is the speed of your broadband connection?
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• Finland
2 May 09
And if you pay for 2 . That would by common sense mean 2 download and 2 upload. But 2 almost always means 2 download and a horrible upload. I´m sure there is fineprint about this the number 2 stands for the download speed and they can´t promice that in upload.
• Finland
2 May 09
http://www.speedtest.net/rank/2196273468.png this is my resultat for this exact moment
@amitksing (1323)
• India
30 Apr 09
My Broadband provider (AirTel, India) claims to give me the speed of 256kbps, but when actually measured, I find the download speed to be around 80kbps. I'm not sure about the upload speed, but I think it won't be more than 100kbps. I sometimes we are being cheated by selling things with bigger claims, while they are not so in reality!
30 Apr 09
I don't know how things are in India, but here in the states all of our providers say "speeds UP TO XXX kbps". It's the "UP TO" part that ends up justifying their connection when you half of what you think are promised. I forgot to say in my other comment that I have Verizon Fios. 20mbps/20mbps
@dashawk (275)
• Philippines
1 May 09
I have a 3MB Broadband connection, and yah, it is slower than i thought... my browsing and downloading is really slow. I even call my ISP from time to time... I even got disconnected often... I really don't like these kinds of services, but that's the only available ISP in our place.. T_T
@curry33 (67)
• China
30 Apr 09
you can use some software to test the speed,you can use the key words to search on hte internet,you say that "the downloads are very slow",maybe it's for the resources are little,