hero in dota???

April 30, 2009 8:54am CST
What hero u like in dota? what hero u pro in ap game? give my suggestion.
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@r4v3n_ (178)
• United States
19 Jan 11
I like those heroes who has combo type skills that it can kill alone. Like Ursa Warrior. He kills so fast that he does not take any damage because of lifesteal.
• United States
22 Dec 10
The hero that I was best at during my dota playing time was Shadow Fiend. The hero I liked the most was Juggernaut.
@Wang09 (10)
• India
26 Oct 09
My favovrite hero is Anti mage(magina). Nothing can beat his MANA BURN and BLINK plus his Ultimate... He is a nightmare for intelligence attribute heros.. hehe..
@lhendrie (30)
• Indonesia
31 Jul 09
Hero that I like the most and often played: - Dark Seer (int) - Juggernaut or Luna Moonfang (agi) - Goblin Clockwerk or Admiral Proudmore (str)
• Guam
30 Jul 09
My best hero in dota is Traxex :p with her damage multiplier + lifesteal I would be invincible hehehe