Have you ever got addicted to a video game which you neve liked at first ???

April 30, 2009 11:10am CST
Few days back, my friend forcibly installed this RPG in my computer telling me its great. The game was pretty old and lacked the necessary graphics. Once i started playing i was so pissed at it, that i wanted my friend to leave so that uninstalling it didn't hurt his feelings. The gameplay was crappy and the controls were so hard to get used to and it was so full of bugs. But i had to play it for an hour while the friend was there. After an hour i came to the desicion that i wont be uninstalling it, but wont ever play it. Once my friend was gone, i started it for playing one last time and believe it or not, i sat absorbed in it for 4 hours!!!!! From that day on, i played it day and night for 5 days till i beat it. I just finished it few minutes back. Now im sitting here thinking what im gonna do next. It feels like a big void in my life. Has this ever happened to you? Which game did you get sucked into???
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