primark / penneys

April 30, 2009 12:57pm CST
ok so i went to penneys yesterday and bought loads of stuff for 50 euro i actually came home with 2 bags of stuff. in this recession dont you just think this is great ??? In other shops you would barely get a top for that price. does anyone else agree ?
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@fpsninja (874)
22 Jul 10
I work in primark as a part time job, or pennys as you may call it. Even i find things in there that surprise me as to how cheap they sell some of the stuff in there. But then again, i am on the minimum wage, which is pretty poor to be honest. Still, i do like the store, and a job is a job, can't complain, especially as they let me wor only 4 hours a week! :) Its a good place to work if you can only make a few hours a week, but its not great if you are looking for something with more hours, due to a silly rule they have on working over 37 hours a week!
@UK_Shree (3604)
30 Apr 09
I do agree with you sarahunny. Primark is a great place to get new items if you fancy a shopping spree and you really do not need to spend a lot to get a lot of new things. As long as you bear in mind that the items may not last years and years, it is a great way to liven up an old and boring wardbrobe!