Rip offs, schemes and scams...........

@Citychic (4078)
United States
April 30, 2009 4:07pm CST
Hello Mylot friends, have you been scammed lately? I think that we all have been scammed at one time or another. There are so many things that we can do in order to keep from getting scammed and taken advantage of. For one thing you can google a company and see if there are any bad reports on them. Another thing is to just use some common sense and think to yourself b4 you decide to shell out your hard earned money. Why should you have to pay money out in order to make some money? Does this make any sense at all in your most logical brain compartments? To me it doesn't. So stay away from it if they are asking you to pay some money up front. Anyways please share with me and mylot by letting us know how you've been scammed. Maybe someone else can learn from your experience. Hopefully we will all be too sharp to get scammed in the future.
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@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
1 May 09
Unfortunately, I have been scammed, and it didn't feel good either. You know the old adage, that it is to good to be true, well, it was for me. O tjpgjt the sechemse I invested in were real and honest, as they promised I would make lots of money, when in essence, they were just out to take me for a ride.And take me for a ride they did. I guess I was just to gullible, but I was also desperate to make money, and I they prayed on my weakness. Well, never again, as I won't invest money up front. Now, I just do the free sites, as I would only lose my time if something happens to them, not any money. And that is ok, as I can always get time back, but my money, no, as it was lost forever. So, I don't recommemd anyone invest there hard earned money into schemes that will promise you the sky, but you end up with clouds and gloom instead.
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@jellymonty (2358)
1 May 09
Absolutely right there my friend. I have had a good share of being scammed. I tried all those data entry jobs, surveys, forex trading, memberships that promise you that they will get you real name it. As I was so desperate to make an income from home but I realised that these so called companies really use your desperation to trap you into paying them. I've learnt my lesson now and I will not be paying anybody else anything as I have lost a lot of money, close to $5000... Needless to say that they really stole my dream of earning a passive income online. I have concluded that any site that asks for membership fees, registration fees or money upfront to cover administration costs are all liars and scam artists... never pay anything online to do a job.. Thanks for this at least people here will be warned..
1 May 09
Most of these scams are e-mail based, or on websites that promise x,y and z and when you have done your part of the work, the site does not pay as promised. I agree websites that charge for membership are scams.
@arvvaz89 (85)
• Sweden
1 May 09
I agree with another person that said that if it sounds too easy it probably is a scam. I have started using GDI and Tissas people search engine to earn money now, but i know those are real because they do not promise that you will make money easily. It requires a lot of internet marketing skills. I was scammed as recently as yesterday when i signed up and payed for a site that then said that i had never registered. I sent a support mail but i have not received a response. It was called workfor3dollars or something, watch out for it.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
1 May 09
I was on the verge of being scammed on Ebay when I was contacted by a "seller" who tried to sell me an item that I really wanted and lost by a few cents off the site. He just wanted money via western union. A colleague warned me that he has lost money via western union and I insisted to pay via paypal. I checked with the webiste admin and they said it was a scam.