Do you hangout with your co - workers after work?

United States
April 30, 2009 8:23pm CST
After work, would you rather go home, and spend the rest of your day doing your house chores, or watching TV? Or you might hang out with your co - workers after work in a bar, or someplace else? It is a pretty boring sometimes. So, I would rather hangout with my co - workers after work to have a few drinks, happy hours right? It might be fun.
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• United States
6 May 09
As much as I do is we chit chat in the parkinglot for a few minutes after work. Hubby does hang out with his co-workers from time to time. They have a small pavillion behind the factory that they all hang out at in warmer weather. I like haning out there too but the time frame was kinda late for my lil guy to be up and about. Hubby has also played sports on volley ball & on softball teams for their shift. Though I prefer he doesn't because most of the co-workers just use it as another excuse to get drunk and that's no good IMO.
@kath_b (116)
• Philippines
1 May 09
After work, i usually just go right home especially if i am quite tired and my co-wrokers are also tired. But i do like to call my co-workers as also my friends since i bond with them also at work. anyhow, we usually work for 12 hours a day so we really get tired though sometimes after work we eat dinner or we eat breakfast at fastfood chains. sometimes when we are off duty, we also plan to get together and we hang out. =)
• Canada
1 May 09
I'm lucky, I get to go home with my co-worker, lol. He's my husband. There are some days that I don't work with him and only work with my boss, but I'd never hang out with her, she's 30+ years older than me and doesn't hang out like most people do. She goes home and does more work then goes to bed. Always the same thing for her, never any fun.