my baby's sleeping pattern

April 30, 2009 10:12pm CST
hi all! as you may know already, i have a seven-week old daughter. we are very thankful because her sleep patterns are quite regular, up until about 5 days ago. What she does during the day is: eat, play, sleep for 2-4 hours and this cycle is repeated throughout the day. this is her usual pattern. she sleeps for about 2-3 hours then when she wakes up, then we feed her immediately before she fusses because she can be very difficult to deal with. then when she is full, she is in a good mood, and then would play with us for about 30 minutes then she would ask to be carried because she is already sleepy. if she is carried, she would immediately fall asleep and then we would lay her down on the bed where she would sleep nicely for several hours. at night, she sleeps like an adult. she sleeps a minimum of 5 hours straight. sometimes, she just wakes up once around 1:30am for a little feeding and then goes back to sleep again. she would then wake up again anywhere between 5:30am-8am, depending on what time she started sleeping the night before. we are really very thankful because we can have a restful sleep at night. but today is different. she would eat and sleep for an hour when she is carried and would wake up again. or she would wake up the moment we put her on the bed. then she would fuss and ask for milk. tonight, it took a long time for us to put her to sleep. finally now i was able to put her down. she is already very sleepy but it seems she is fighting the urge to sleep by opening her eyes wide. but thank God He has heard our prayers and baby is now fast asleep. after this, i am going to sleep too. i wonder why baby seems wired today. my father says maybe it is because she is just starting to see things more clearly and so she is rather getting fond of using her eyes. but i hope that her sleeping patterns will become more regular tomorrow so that i can also get some work done around the house. just sharing what is going on with my baby...thank you all! :D take care and God bless all parents! happy mylotting!:D
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