Colleagues of mine (1)

@cmy1004f (381)
April 30, 2009 11:20pm CST
Instead of complained for the job, this time I want to talk about the colleagues in my working team. At first I want to say just a very, very simple introduce. There are many reasons, for I am not very familier with them, I always think it should keep some distance between colleagues, they don't equal your friends anyway. First debut is the supervisor of my team, the impression to me she is a kindly woman in base. She still not familier with detail of work because of enter this team not very long ago. She is try her best to study by others' herlf. She has one or more meeting everyday almost, and 1 to 2 hrs for each at least. Whenever she come back of end meeting, the hard times come. Because she should read some mail inside the company, and then answer them one by one for confirm something. Even if she sit beside the seat, the mails' number still keep more than fifty to hundred, so when she come to meeting they will pile large than hundred. So the main complain of her always as: why there are so many meeting to have, why the meeting hold such long time, why there are such new mails in her mail box, etc. Like most of women who married and with kid, my supervior just fix this role,here I just guess from her talk details with other colleagues. The talk detail never leave the family almost: husband, kid, mother-in-law ... Some time will turn to travel, every kinds of coupon.
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