Online School

United States
May 1, 2009 3:10am CST
Back to school back to school lol Well I just started classes last Sunday. Things are looking great.This is the first time that I have ever done online schooling and i have to say that this was the best choice i could have made the support from the school is great. I am studying game and simulation development and these courses are great i cant lie i am very excited this is the first week and already i feel that i am learning a lot about the game industry i am getting my foot in the door and am well on my way to lading the so called dream job. i have be a "gamer" since i was about 7 or 8 years old and have been playing gamed ever since and now i may have the opportunity to get payed to play and that feeling is well there are no words to describe tat feeling. From the moment i learned about these courses i knew that i had to look into them and now here i am enrolled in them. Once i complete my schooling its off on another adventure who knows were it will take my wife daughter and i the sky is the limit i know i sound very optimistic but i cant help it
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@mimiang (3777)
• Philippines
1 May 09
Are this schools accredited in your country?Because in my country, we have to be sure that this courses are accredited by the Center for Higher Education.
• United States
1 May 09
yeah this school it completely legit i dont know if you have heard of it but im going to DeVry University
@Q_Savvy (131)
• India
1 May 09
Hey there's nothing wrong with being optimistic! It's a very difficult thing to do in fact, being optimistic, you should be proud that you've mastered that! And I certainly hope all the best for you and that all your dreams come true and your optimism pays off greatly (which it definitely will!)! As I always say, the sky isn't the limit, there's Space beyond that and much much more even yonder! I've never actually schooled online so I don't know how it feels like, but it's interesting listening to and reading others experiences :) Another good thing is that you're enjoying what you're learning which is splendid! Let me know if you develop any games :P All the best with your career and you will succeed for your family. ^)^