Can your first lover be your last?

May 1, 2009 7:38am CST
Hi MyLoters. =) I was wondering if you think that it's possible for your first love to stay with you throughout the rest of your life journey. Share your opinions, stories, and most importantly your experience Personally, i'm still with my first love =) We started going out 2 years ago and up to today i'm still deeply in love with him. Sadly, i don't believe that he will be last guy i'll ever go out with. I do hope that would be the case, but we are both still so young, so many things can happen, it's quite hard to believe that a couple can be together for, like 80 years and still be in love and loyal to each other.
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@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
24 Jul 09
hello! i think its possible. coz i myself is an example! my husband is my very first boyfriend and he is also my last of course! he becomes my boyfriend when i am still 17 years old and our bf/gf relationship takes 5 years before we finally decided to get married! and now, we are on our 5th year of marriage! so i think, in love all is possible...but it depends on both of you on how will you make your relationship lasts...coz in a relationship, problems and trials are always when those time comes, all you need to do is be strong and hold on... as with me and my husband, we also gone through many trials that almost break our relationship...but we fight for it and our love keeps us together and we put God in the center of our relationship...we always ask and pray for God's guidance and help in our relationship...and that really works for us! have a nice day and hope that your relationship will also last!
• United States
7 May 09
Thats the thing about love you never know what can happen and you are going into a relationship knowing that you can get hurt at anytime, but if you guys work out everything then i belive that everything will be ok
@amizon50 (34)
• Canada
5 May 09
Well, I have some friends who celebrated their sixtieth anniversary this past weekend, so it's definitely possible. Sadly though, so many people decide to take the easy route and divorce or just leave the other behind. I think it's a matter of a person's mindset. If you tell yourself, "this is the person I want to love and be with for the rest of my life." then, you can make a decision to do that; the only person who could change that decision would be yourself. Unless it is an abusive relationship, there should never be an issue that can't be solved. If two people are commited to maintaining a good relationship, they WILL make it work, no matter the bumps along the way.
@kaleem_jr (106)
• Pakistan
1 May 09
Hello dears, first love is you last love. With the due course of time everything gets changed, coz its a human nature. Every time we meet new peoples we feel different feelings about them. But if you love someone truly and with heart you're never gonna forget him/her. But if that only a sudden driven ambition of passion that will end after you're in the bed.