are the aryans a lost race today?

swastika - swastika
@scorpius (1793)
November 11, 2006 11:14am CST
according to hiostorical facts and historians the aryans gave rise to the iranian and vedic socities.the aryans are supposed to be brilliant and tall people. but all traces of them as a separate people vanished from iran and today it only exists in the brahminical socities of india. actually around 2500 bc an aryan migration took place from iran to india.and here the aryans intermixed with the brahminical socities and the aryans are today the brahmins.they have influenced our cultures,education,languages,habits. but to may historians this was hard to accept that the aryans of legend are still alive today until recently. coming to the swastika,this symbol was misused bu the german nazi's.this symbol is essentially a indo aryan religious symbol and stands for intergrity,piety and all thats pure the exact opposite of what the nazi symbol stands for. so are the aryans alive in india or are they truly lost to the mists of time? what do you think?
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