that section i your brain for useless knowledge!

United States
May 1, 2009 8:36pm CST
I have a friend, and he is pretty smart alll around, but he seems to have a large space in his brain that is just for useless information, like he talks about stuff that has absolutly no meaning to it, or it would be info. that i dont think i would ever hear. does anyone have friends like that? let me know. for a better example my friend told me that it takes 2 minutes for a raind drop to fall, lol.. kind of neat to know, but where will i ever use that at. :P
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• India
4 May 09
Well ur friend seems to be quite a curious personality and i must say there is nothing bad in it until he starts flaunting this info of his to everyone. Coz all wont be interested in his unusual info base .. bt i must say this info maybe of help to u or smeone else later on wen smeone puts u such a question. As a friend u should encourage him to keep on reading such things if he wishes to but on the other hand prevent him from his public display of this unusual habit.
• United States
6 May 09
my friend is one of a kind.. i will agree to that. very open minded and dont care what people think of him. thankyou for your invice :) when i have nothing else to do he is always there ranting and raven about something interestingly out there. :)