About a Trojan - folder.exe - spreads fast

@net101 (157)
May 1, 2009 9:35pm CST
recently my computer got infected with a trojan which creates and replicates folders. For example, if I have a folder named ebooks in my document folder, it will create another folder named ebooks.exe inside the ebooks folder. It never gets deleted. I have tried mcafee, avast and others. Can someone help me out how to get rid of this malicious folder.exe problem.
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@ebook_freak (1515)
• India
2 May 09
Yes this folder.exe is a very malicious virus. It spreads through the USB drives. I will tell you how to prevent this. -Use USB Disk Security to monitor the files of the Disk. It's very cheap one time payment software that needs no update. -Use Kapersky Antivirus. I would prefer Kapersky because it is a very good anti virus that works for me. Don't try to use AVG because it's free of cost. AVG cannot detect these virus. Norton might do good. But Kapersky is what everyone prefers. Even websites like 4shared.com and other file sharing sites use it. Regards, AJ